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Say hello to the team behind LOCI.

John Wise


John brings a very diverse background to the LOCI team. For more than 15 years he worked as a mechanic, crew chief, data engineer, and team manager for some of the top teams in American racing. He witnessed hundreds of racing innovations and saw how difficult the patent process was first hand. He won several championships during his tenure. John has extensive experience working with some of the largest patent holders in the industry as well as expertise in aerodynamic engineering and data analysis.

Eric Ross


Eric has extensive experience in technology and team management. His career has taken him through various types of companies as a consultant and manager. Previously the Director of Technology for LOCI, he managed the development staff and managed the building out the LOCI Search product and the LOCIcoin sale. As the company grows and scales up, his expertise in implementation and execution is key for our ability to make the long-term vision of the company a reality.

Nathan McFarland


Nathan has been a software developer for more than 10 years and worked primarily with Enterprise level software, building solutions for brands like Audi, Comcast, Intel and Volkswagen. He specializes in User experience and User interface design, and has a passion for bridging the gap between people and the systems and services they use. As a key part of the growth of LOCI, Nathan will guide the development efforts to continue to grow and refine the product, as well expand the ways it can be used.

Brian Hwang

Director of Business Relations

Brian brings a purpose-driven leadership to the team and is a huge advocate of the company’s mission to empower inventors and innovators. Brian has a diverse experience and expertise in the areas of strategic partnerships, business development, and operations to the team. He is an alumnus of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with dual B.S. degrees in Finance and Accountancy. He has worked in a wide range of large companies and industries including Johnson & Johnson, GE Capital, and Ernst & Young. He also oversaw the development and growth of small businesses and startups.

Kevin Caimi


Kevin has over 20 years of professional experience in accounting and finance, including leadership roles in both public and privately-held companies. At Loci, Kevin is responsible for all financial aspects of the company, including accounting, financial planning and analysis, and treasury. He is a certified public accountant and an alumnus of The Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Accounting.

Abdelaal Ali

Software Developer

JC Crown

Community Manager

Malinda Walker

Executive Assistant

Ashley Naumann

Accounting Manager

Lauren Arevalo

Director of Communications

Mike Aebig

Software Developer

Harjit Singh

Lead Software Developer

Lesly Lopez

Operations Manager

Sam Braden

Graphic Designer

Hudson Burgess

Software Developer

Logan Deyo

Creative Strategy

Loci Advisors

Charlie Kiser

Richard Titus

Brett Berlin

David Drake

Michael Brunner

Chris Berlin

William Schrader

Matt McKibbin

Loci Partners

SALT Lending
Fish IP Law
Melrose PR
Red Blue Collective