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The new home for your ideas.

Welcome to LOCI! If you aren’t familiar with who we are, LOCI is on a mission to revolutionize the world of intellectual property. Using our platform LOCI Search, you’re able to research patents, analyze your ideas, and ultimately file a provisional patent. All for a fraction of the traditional process.

Here, we’re aiming to provide value in everything the idea world has to offer. We know it can be a complex and confusing space, so let’s make it a little bit easier. Welcome to the home for your ideas.

Getting Started With LOCI: What You Need and How it Works

LOCI’s mission is to revolutionize intellectual property (IP), enabling inventors to monetize their unique ideas while staying protected from IP theft and lawsuits. Our platform enables users to skip the complexity and expense of hiring a patent attorney while offering benefits not available anywhere else. With the help of LOCI, anyone can: Perform unlimited IP […]

How to get money for your ideas

How to get money for your ideas

Extra cash is welcome in any season, anywhere, and any time. If you’ve got brain power and creativity, it’s easier to start getting money for your ideas when you have the right tools at your disposal. Whether you have your own idea that you want to sell or you are just a creative person that [...]

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