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LOCI releases new feature, essentially “Turbo Tax for Provisional Patent Applications”

LOCI’s new Provisional Patent Application feature makes the complicated process of filing a provisional patent application with the USPTO so easy “a caveman could do it.”

If you have an idea that you feel is worthy of pursuit, there is now a one-word answer to help you achieve all your innovation goals: LOCI. The LOCI suite of products has just expanded to include a crucial new piece of the puzzle, assisting inventors in filing provisional patent applications. This latest feature, allows users to seamlessly move from conducting their IP Search and Analysis directly to completing a provisional patent application without ever leaving the LOCI Platform. The LOCI system makes this entire process easy and intuitive by asking simple questions that are presented in a logical manner to elicit substantive responses from the inventor about his or her work. For platform users that have just completed an Invention Analysis of an idea that they wish to patent, the LOCI system will generate an auto-filled application that inventors only need to review and approve before filing. With this new capability, the LOCI Platform has become an official one-stop-shop for aspiring inventors far and wide.

Since the launch of LOCI Search’s beta, LOCI has been refining its suite of products to anticipate and meet the unique needs of aspiring inventors. LOCI Search, now a completely free feature in the platform, allows inventors to search the global database of millions of patents and documents for existing ideas and potential prior art. To extend the platform’s capabilities, LOCI developers created a tool called Invention Analysis that allows inventors to receive a detailed analysis of the novelty of their idea. This analysis features a single LOCI Score, reflecting the novelty of the idea, plus loads of data, powered by machine learning and analytics, to help inventors refine and prepare their inventions for patenting. Together, LOCI Search and Invention Analysis are some of the best tools that exist in this space, providing deep analysis and research for inventors that seek the DIY approach. Not to mention, the LOCI Platform is completely unique in this space because it is the only service that offers inventors the ability to stake their ideas on the blockchain, serving as immutable proof of ownership of their ideas.

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LOCI’s mission is to disrupt the global patent industry, and to change the way the world invents and values ideas. We specialize in simplifying the patent search process by utilizing unique visualizations and providing comprehensive analysis to help determine the novelty and demand of an idea. To further understand the landscape of IP and learn more about LOCI, sign up for the latest updates above or visit our website here.

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