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Getting Started With LOCI: What You Need and How it Works

LOCI’s mission is to revolutionize intellectual property (IP), enabling inventors to monetize their unique ideas while staying protected from IP theft and lawsuits. Our platform enables users to skip the complexity and expense of hiring a patent attorney while offering benefits not available anywhere else. With the help of LOCI, anyone can: Perform unlimited IP […]

Local innovators experience growth and success through the first cohort of Mindhive, hosted by LOCI and Red Blue Collective

LOCI and Red Blue Collective joined forces in fall 2018 to open Mindhive, an ideation launch program for inventors that welcomed its first cohort of participants in late November. The program featured three hand-selected companies with impactful inventions. After making their way through the four-week program that guides startup entrepreneurs through the stages of ideation [...]
Women who left the IP friendzone to change history

Women who left the IP friendzone to change history

The relationship status of women and societal norms is complicated. Only the diligent dare to challenge the norms that have been so poorly structured in the first place. Countless studies of approximately 2.7 million U.S. patent applications indicate that women have less favorable outcomes than men in the patent industry. Despite this hindrance, a good […]