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Behind the Scenes with the LOCI Team

LOCI is a high-growth tech company that is simplifying the patenting process using blockchain technology. Our suite of products, including LOCI Search and LOCI Invention Analysis, consists of powerful and proprietary tools that inventors use to search, analyze, protect, and monetize their intellectual property. In short, LOCI is a one-stop-shop solution that guides inventors from the start of an idea to the ultimate goal of making money. While the majority of our focus on any given day is building out this suite of products and features, we would be remiss not to spend some of our time highlighting the team that makes all this LOCI magic happen.

Today, we are pleased to do just that. We’ve taken some time to sit down with our LOCIfam to ask some interesting questions about their inspiration and involvement in LOCI.

1. How did you get into Blockchain and Crypto?

“Learning about Bitcoin and it’s its decentralized nature was inspiring, so much so that I switched my law program’s thesis to analyzing Bitcoin regulatory approaches.”

Jesse Johnson, Director of Business Relations, LOCI Nexus



“Blockchain technology has intrigued me for its almost limitless potential for years, but the space was so new and unproven for a long time. I see crypto as the first and best (until IP, that is) use case for blockchain technology. I am always looking for the best ways to apply cutting edge technology to make the world a better place.”

Eric Ross, COO, LOCI, Inc.


2. What motivated you to work for LOCI?

“I remember watching my father sink over 60k and 4 years on a patent process that ultimately failed to recognize his innovations. Years later, I heard John Wise speak about a better way forward. That was very motivating.”

Jesse Johnson, Director of Business Relations, LOCI Nexus


“When I first saw LOCI’s vision to change the patent landscape I knew this was the use case blockchain has been waiting for. I followed LOCI development for months before finally having the opportunity to work more closely with the team.”

JC Crown, Community Manager, LOCI Nexus


3. What is your favorite part about working with LOCI?

“The Team. The mix of knowledge, passion and dedication inspires me every day. The LOCI Team is a family and their dedication to the project is my favorite part about being part of this family.”

Diana Vicens, Director of Market Strategy, LOCI Nexus



“Every day is a different challenge, either something mundane and corporate or something that no one has ever faced before. Solving these problems, big and small, for the sake of the team is incredibly rewarding.”

Eric Ross, COO, LOCI, Inc.


4. What is the main Idea behind the project?

“To help aspiring inventors to search, analyze, protect and monetize their ideas without requiring them to go through the current (expensive and time consuming) patent process.”

Dan Weber, Executive Director, LOCI Nexus



“After seeing firsthand how nearly impossible it is to get a patent in the existing system due to bureaucracy and competitive advantage, It just killed me. I knew there had to be a better way. So, I set out to build a system that would be more inclusive and actually work and allow the average person to take part in the world of innovation.”

John Wise, CEO, LOCI, Inc.


5. Give us 3 reasons why LOCI will be successful!

“It’s said the mother of invention is necessity. LOCI will succeed because we recognize the need to disrupt an antiquated patent process. Whether society arrives at ‘the singularity’ or not, the quickening pace of new inventions will continue. We provide the tools that will support this next paradigm. I think there’s three in there.”

Jesse Johnson, Director of Business Relations, LOCI Nexus


“1. LOCI aims to overachieve on it’s its goals to change the IP landscape by continuously identifying more and more gaps in the IP industry and actively implementing solutions. 2. The team dedication and passion for LOCI’s mission is a key contributor that will lead to success. 3. We have a clear understanding of the IP market globally and what the current IP landscape needs.”

Diana Vicens, Director of Market Strategy, LOCI Nexus


6. What do you think is the biggest milestone you reached and the biggest one yet to come?

“Deploying two live products, LOCI Search and LOCI Invention Analysis have been our two biggest milestones completed so far. Our next big milestone will be deploying a full Marketplace, though we are also working on many other smaller milestones as well.”

Dan Weber, Executive Director, LOCI Nexus


“LOCI’s development team deserves so much credit. They’ve hit every milestone on time or even ahead of schedule. Fully integrating LOCIcoin and launching Invention Analysis both empowered our users in ways no other patent service had ever done before (by leveraging blockchain & machine learning). The IP Marketplace will take LOCI to even greater levels.”

Jesse Johnson, Director of Business Relations, LOCI Nexus


7. Are you afraid of failure?

“It’s important to understand that failure is scary but it’s how we manage the failure what is important. Without failure we would not have the knowledge necessary for success. There is a difference in a company failure and failures we experience on our path to success that will make us stronger. So no, I’m not afraid of failure.”

Diana Vicens, Director of Market Strategy, LOCI Nexus


“No, I am not afraid of failing because the goal of the company is worth pursuing regardless of the ultimate outcome.”

Eric Ross, COO, LOCI, Inc.



8. Where do you see LOCI in 3 years?

“LOCI will have millions of data points and a suite of mature web products to help predict and process the creation, purchase, and sale of IP.”

Dan Weber, Executive Director, LOCI Nexus



“First mover in a world covered with blockchain technology.”

JC Crown, Community Manager, LOCI Nexus




9. Does the price fluctuation of LOCI affect the project development?

“Not really. We are already selling our products via using the stated price of $2.50 per LOCIcoin, so the fact that some crypto-savvy users can purchase LOCIcoin at a discount only encourages even more use of our platform, which means more data for LOCI and ultimately more success in our mission to “Unlock Innovation” and help the “little guys” to monetize their ideas.”

Dan Weber, Executive Director, LOCI Nexus


“While it is frustrating to have our constant hard work not reflect in the token price, our mission is clear and we are driving towards it with every ounce of effort we can muster!”

Eric Ross, COO, LOCI, Inc.



10. I’m curious how does a regular day at LOCI look like for an employee?

“Every day at LOCI is an adventure. I look up from my desk one second and see several members at a whiteboard scheming up new ideas for the product. I look up another time almost involuntarily as a nerf bullet shoots through the office, followed by a yelp or a stare of retribution. Both are exciting to be a part of. The camaraderie I’ve seen here is matched only by the passion members have for the mission and leadership’s desire to see each member succeed both personally and professionally.”

Lesly Lopez, Operations Manager, LOCI, Inc.

“Our LOCI HQ is always abuzz with something exciting. I work hard to make sure that the team is engaged and focused on their tasks as well as free to creatively explore their passions as it relates (or may relate) to fulfilling our mission. Every day we try to set ourselves up for future success and meeting the needs of our customers and building the best product that we can. That can look like working at one of the open tables with a teammate, or hiding in a corner to minimize distractions. Snacks and LaCroix abound, we are a start-up after all!”

Eric Ross, COO, LOCI, Inc.

11. What are the strengths of the LOCI team?

“Accomplishing great things in a short amount of time. The amount and quality of our development in the last 10 months has been incredible, no other team can match it.”

JC Crown, Community Manager, LOCI Nexus



“This is the most incredible team I’ve ever been a part of. Some of the smartest and hardest workers I’ve ever known. If someone has a rough time, either personally or with a task, the rest of the team is there to rally around and help however possible. This team is making some game-changing stuff and there is no way we don’t change the world!”

Eric Ross, COO, LOCI, Inc.


12. Where do you see Blockchain in 2 years?

“I see a thorough exploration of applications, with mostly large companies funding the research, a cult following like that found in VR and Semantic Web / Web 3.0 technologies. People have to trust and adopt it more. Will it be the next credit card or Paypal? I don’t know, but I think it will be silently running in the background in many places.”

Mike Aebig, Software Developer, LOCI, Inc.


“As notoriously slow as blockchains currently are, the industry itself is like reality on fast forward; so expect big changes to come quickly. Instead of issues like scaling solutions, I’m more interested in how LOCI will continue to engage institutional bodies and regulators, especially regarding IP.”

Jesse Johnson, Director of Business Relations, LOCI Nexus


13. In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges blockchain is facing?

“Mass education and adoption. We’re simply proceeding through the normal resistance that comes with any revolutionary technology. Adoption of the Internet took decades. Blockchain adoption has only scratched the surface. With time and education, the success of blockchain technology will become even more apparent.”

Dan Weber, Executive Director, LOCI Nexus


“There were quite a few ICO’s last year that successfully converted PDF documents into cash. Going forward, the market must adjust and demand more in terms of working products, legitimate teams and business models. Solutions include transparency, reliable sources, and… experience.”

Jesse Johnson, Director of Business Relations, LOCI Nexus


14. Do you have any final words for the LOCI supporters?

“We love all the supporters! Two minds are better than one => any number of minds are better than one: so spread the word! People and organizations want solutions to their problems. We aim to connect inventors to their solutions and inventors to their clients.”

Mike Aebig, Software Developer, LOCI, Inc.


“Everyone has ideas and they don’t have to even be that great to have value to someone somewhere in the world. Failure and forging ahead to refine an idea is part of the process of improving and moving mankind forward. The system we are building makes a place for the world’s ideas, big and small, and will ultimately endeavor to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, collectively. Keep supporting, sharing, and talking about LOCI. We have some really big plans on the horizon and they will not disappoint. Get involved now, start using our platform, join our community and help us be the next greatest generation.”

John Wise, CEO, LOCI, Inc.


More about LOCI

LOCI’s mission is to disrupt the global patent industry, and to change the way the world invents and values ideas. We specialize in simplifying the patent search process by utilizing unique visualizations and providing comprehensive analysis to help determine the novelty and demand of an idea. To further understand the landscape of IP and learn more about LOCI, visit:

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