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On the bleeding edge: LOCI works with local engineering students to ID trends and other new features in data analytics

Starting this fall, LOCI is working with engineering students from George Mason University’s Master’s program in Data Analytics Engineering to conduct research at the forefront of machine learning and predictive analytics. The students will be conducting research to identify trends and features of data, among other tasks. LOCI’s initiative with the engineering students in this program is the start of what it hopes will be a long relationship. 

The initiative will be integrated with the Data Analytics Engineering program’s capstone class (DAEN 690) and will be implemented through two separate student groups to conduct simultaneous research projects. Crafted carefully to conform with the existing curriculum, members of the LOCI team, Brian Hwang, Director of Business Relations, and Developer, Mike Aebig, worked closely with Professor F. Brett Berlin to outline the program objectives and establish the desired deliverables.

When asked what he is most excited about, Mike Aebig, LOCI Developer, smiled, “These students are literally going to be exploring the fringe of what the scientific community knows and is capable of, and in doing so, will be creating insights and new ways to approach data analytics.”

Students will be using LOCI’s resources to conduct their research as well as receive weekly coaching from the LOCI development team. After being provided with a rich literature review and more than a dozen predictive models for which to survey their data, students will retrieve some data to use within their own development environment. Through formal model evaluation and other methods, LOCI aims to help the program participants apply and extend their knowledge of data analytics, while potentially adding to capabilities of LOCI’s proprietary software. In short, LOCI will be acting as a data provider to these students as they push the frontier forward in this field. 

Brian Hwang, LOCI’s Director or Business Relations, adds, “It is fitting that LOCI collaborates with entrepreneurial students who are often the drivers of technological and social innovation in society. I am grateful for professor Berlin, a pioneer in his own right, for facilitating these projects and the students for taking on this exciting endeavor. I am very excited that these projects have launched and look forward to seeing what the outcomes are.”

It is clear that the advantage of such research is tenfold; not only will these students have the opportunity to apply predictive models they’ve been studying, but they will have the opportunity to contribute to work that could advance the field of data analytics engineering, which clearly is no small feat. LOCI hopes that from the results they will be able to publish some their findings and progress in a paper for an upcoming conference. “Ultimately, this work is going to give LOCI more exposure in the academic community,” beamed Mike, as he sipped his morning coffee.

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