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LOCI to partner with The Bureau, major blockchain accelerator

LOCI is excited to announce a new partnership with The Bureau, a major accelerator in the blockchain space. This comes at an exciting time for both companies as they both are forging a future in blockchain for innovators.

John Wise, CEO of LOCI affirms, “At this stage in our company’s growth, I can’t think of a better partner for us. The work coming out of The Bureau and their authentic desire to support impactful projects and start-ups sets them far apart from other accelerators. With Matt McGraw at the helm of The Bureau, I look forward to building a lasting global network that supports innovation for entrepreneurs.”

The synergy of a partnership between LOCI and The Bureau will be unparalleled. These parties intend to work toward building an entrepreneurial ecosystem of support, strategic alliances, and the exploration of technological integration. LOCI will be able to provide support and access to its platform for members of The Bureau, while broadening its exposure and reach across innovators, entrepreneurs, and start-ups alike. The Bureau’s accelerator companies will actively leverage the LOCI Platform to help research their competitive advantages and points of differentiation in the market. Dispatch, an enterprise-focused blockchain protocol built for the management and analysis of data (and an established Bureau company), will leverage LOCI for their own research as LOCI explores integrating with Dispatch for their data needs. Opportunities for cross-promotion of each other’s platforms and co-hosting events such as hackathons and industry meetups will be forthcoming.

“I’ve known the LOCI team for years and have been consistently impressed by the rapid growth of their platform,” Matt McGraw says of LOCI.  “A partnership here is a natural fit- and we believe this move will ultimately improve the caliber of The Bureau’s service offering.”

LOCI was founded on the idea that anyone can be an inventor. Therefore, partnering with The Bureau aligns well with the desire to facilitate more innovation through incubators and accelerators. With a focus on decentralization and involvement in projects that promise to accelerate blockchain ecosystems, The Bureau is a very fitting partner for LOCI.

About The Bureau

The Bureau is a global blockchain accelerator and advisory. The Bureau believes in the transformative nature of blockchain and blockchain-powered, decentralized economies. They invest in projects and companies that further the success of the entire blockchain ecosystem and incubate 17 early-stage projects.

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More about LOCI

LOCI’s mission is to disrupt the global patent industry, and to change the way the world invents and values ideas. LOCIcoin utility tokens are used exclusively within the LOCI suite of products for the purposes of searching, analyzing, protecting and exchanging Intellectual Property.

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