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LOCI Speaks Chinese: Integration of China’s Patent Database Announced Live at Shenzhen’s 10th Annual International IoT Conference

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Loci Nexus was in Shenzhen, China last week to participate in the “Blockchain & Smart Retail” portion of the 10th Annual International Internet of Things Conference. The July 31-August 2 event saw record high attendance with a wide range of new technologies on display. It was the perfect audience for LOCI to announce the immediate launch of their platform’s ability to search China’s IP database. The busy 3 day conference was illustrative of why integrating China’s data into the LOCI Search platform has been a priority.

The showfloor was laced with new inventions, prototypes, and opportunities to introduce LOCI’s unique search and staking capabilities. The company’s new Invention Analsysis feature (IA), which leverages machine learning to give instant feedback on your idea’s value, was another exciting feature demonstrated, with one attendee noting, “as an engineer, I come up with new designs all the time. I can totally use this program to help sort which of my ideas are actually unique.”

The event also connected LOCI with thought leaders busy grappling with the complexities of today’s international trade environment. Conclusions acknowledged the central role of intellectual property and how finding ways to contribute solutions to the fractured IP landscape will help to unlock tremendous value. The ecosystem LOCI is building has that very potential: the ability to dramatically reduce users’ barriers to entry and create a new, globally tradeable asset class for inventors and investors alike.

On the afternoon of August 1, this message was delivered to a standing room only audience by Jesse Johnson, Loci Nexus Director of Business Relations. Leading up to the conference, LOCI’s development team had quietly tested and implemented the Chinese IP database upgrade, leaving the surprise announcement for Shenzhen’s audience. The declaration was met with applause as Mr. Johnson stated, “Today is Day 1 in China. Going forward, LOCI will continue to develop a global platform for searching, protecting, and analyzing ideas…Given the necessary tools, anyone can be an inventor.”

LOCI Search has had a busy summer 2018 with the major addition of Invention Analysis and access to China’s patent library. Users can look forward to more developments soon including a fully Chinese GUI for LOCI Search and continued development of the LOCI Marketplace.

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