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Unlocking Innovation: LOCI Search moves to free unlimited searching and more

In order to further our mission of making innovation accessible, LOCI is excited to announce a change to the pricing structure of LOCI Search. Users will now have free, unlimited access to searches! Aspiring inventors can now use their LOCIcoin to pay directly for comprehensive analysis of their inventions with Invention Analysis.

LOCI Invention Analysis is an exciting new product which will help inventors find out if their ideas are unique, and refine their ideas prior to patent filing and can facilitate staking the inventor’s idea on the Ethereum Blockchain. For 20 LOCIcoin, Invention Analysis assigns a novelty score to the invention, identifies the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) category for their idea, and highlights relevant keywords prevalent in the inventor’s text submission and other keywords that aren’t mentioned but could be related. We are thrilled to debut LOCI Invention Analysis with a special offer for all users who purchase LOCIcoin through our platform.  Users with existing subscriptions will be credited with LOCIcoin.

Unsure about how cryptocurrency and tokens work? No problem! LOCI has taken all the complexity out of it; rather than completing a 13-step process for purchasing and redeeming utility tokens, LOCI has reduced it to three simple steps on our platform for anyone with a credit or debit card. All of this is made possible by blockchain technology and a transparent custodianship of utility tokens. Blockchain technology, also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), is remarkable because of its immutability and transparency in recording transactions, and at LOCI, we have brought all of that into the fiat purchase process within our platform. Anyone can buy LOCIcoin tokens directly on the LOCI platform, and then see the details and ownership on the blockchain themselves. Technical details can be read in depth here.

LOCI will maintain a pool of tokens that purchases draw from, but we will purchase tokens from secondary markets to refill that pool on a regular basis. We are not taking volume or demand from the open markets, but instead, we are providing a service that will pass transaction volume through. This also allows us flexibility in how we price our platform’s features because the entire platform runs off of tokens only. Our LOCIcoin tokens are the gas that runs the LOCI Search platform, and will enable inventors to analyze, stake, and sell their ideas, now more effectively than ever before!

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