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LOCI introduces international searching for patents, expands first through China

LOCI Search has just been taken to the next level with its latest release that allows for users to search for patents and prior art through additional patent offices with a simple drop down filter. The first country to which Loci has expanded its search capabilities is China, and it plans to continue expanding through more international patent bodies thereafter.

The previous iteration of LOCI Search was very useful, but international searching makes a critical impact for inventors who seek a more global reach for their ideas. For example, if a person in the United States wishes to conduct research to determine how prevalent patents are for components of electric cars, after searching in through the USPTO (default for LOCI Search), they may decide to see what the prospects, prior art, and potential demand for patents in the same industry are in another market. All the user needs to do at this point is select a new filter to change the patent office, and they can search in an entirely new region. Doing this allows a user to see what patents exist in another geographical region, and can be useful to finding unique prior art and provides support for informed next steps in the patenting process.

Thanks to the drop down filter that is accessed through the search options, once you select a patent office, you will be able to search its database. LOCI Search’s translation capabilities gives users access to the patent information both in English and the native language in which the patent was filed. The English version will provide all of the typical components that have always been available through LOCI Search: patent title, inventor name(s), abstract, description, and claims, which allow users to understand what the invention does or how it is made.

LOCI is thrilled to be rolling out this new feature and is looking forward to continuing development and expanding the search to encompass even more patent offices in the months ahead. It’s all part of LOCI’s mission which is to unleash innovation across the globe. Ultimately, this will put power back in the hands of individuals, and if you try LOCI Search, you will understand what that means.

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