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LOCI Announces Formal Establishment of LOCI Nexus

LOCI, Inc. is pleased to announce the formal establishment of LOCI Nexus today.

LOCI Nexus is a new and separate entity, based in Malta, a country that has established regulations and guidelines around cryptocurrency.  While LOCI, Inc. continues to focus on software development, LOCI Nexus will serve a very separate purpose and function.

In essence, the immediate goal of LOCI Nexus is to increase awareness of the LOCIcoin, as well as to take over all marketing efforts related to theLOCI suite of products, including LOCI Search andLOCI Invention Analysis.

The formal mission of LOCI Nexus is, “…to navigate ingenuity and empower inventors around the world to utilize the LOCI ecosystem through education, philanthropy, and the exchanging of ideas.”

LOCI Nexus will be run by the new Executive Director, Dan Weber. Dan brings over 15 years of leadership experience to the LOCI team.  He previously served as a VP of Marketing, Chief Product Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Management Consultant for a variety of companies and brands. He is an avid supporter of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralization in general. Dan first got involved in the crypto space as a Bitcoin Miner in early 2013, and has been involved in the LOCI project behind the scenes since early 2017.

Along with Dan Weber, the following members will be joining the LOCI Nexus team: Timothy Suggs as Director of Marketing, Jesse Johnson as Director of Business Relations, Sharon Yoo as Marketing Coordinator, Logan Deyo as Digital Marketing Strategist, and JC Crown as Community Manager.

The coming months will be an incredibly formative and exciting time for LOCI Nexus as it paves the way in its efforts of promoting awareness of the LOCI ecosystem and development of the marketplace. The team will be sure to share updates and progress as milestones are reached.

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