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Loci and Lexit to Become Partners: Building a Massive Global IP Ecosystem Together

Through blockchain enabled platforms and token economics, Loci and Lexit partner to form a globally connected ecosystem and bring transparency and liquidity to intellectual property (IP) at a fraction of the cost and time.

Loci (LOCI), a blockchain-based platform for the research, analysis, and exchange of IP, and Lexit (LXT), a company specializing in facilitating an online marketplace for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), officially confirmed their agreement to formalize a partnership and create one of the largest and most transparent global ecosystems for IP that the world has ever seen.

A partnership between the two entities will help to create a robust ecosystem that connects marketplace participants including entrepreneurs, buyers, and third-party professionals. The intention is to make the entire process of creating and transacting intellectual property less costly to businesses and entrepreneurs through blockchain technology. The two companies hope to help reduce the barriers for entrepreneurs seeking M&A and help bring liquidity to trillions of dollars in assets, sparking an accelerated growth of pace for global R&D.

“Loci and Lexit both work within intellectual PROPERTY, so let’s think of our partnership as if it were land property,” explains John Wise, CEO of Loci. “Loci is like the title and deed or land registry, whereas Lexit is like the realtors and brokerage. We each focus on an aspect of the industry which the other needs.”

Currently, the Loci and Lexit teams are exploring methods for users of each respective platform to have access to the partner’s platform and services. The teams see great potential in pairing Loci’s machine learning based contextual search and analysis of IP to augment the service provided through the Lexit platform. The partners are also looking into creative ways to package IP via each other’s platforms.

“The partnership between Loci and Lexit will disrupt the IP market by simplifying the way innovators protect and license their intellectual property. Blockchain technology is the tool that makes this possible and brings power back into the hands of the inventor.” states Amir Kaltak, CEO & Co-Founder of Lexit.

Details of the partnership will be forthcoming as the specifics are finalized, but both teams are looking forward to work on empowering entrepreneurs to buy and sell IP or conduct M&As on a global scale in a way not previously possible.

About Loci:

Loci is an easier way for inventors to validate the novelty of an idea, a secure home for inventions on the blockchain, and an exclusive marketplace for the sale of intellectual property (IP). With a blockchain-based solution, Loci plans to become the gold standard IP platform that empowers inventors and promotes the effective matchmaking of ideas, capital, and talent.

About Lexit:

Lexit is an online marketplace designed to buy and sell companies, intellectual property and assets. Through blockchain technology, token economics, and a centralized platform, Lexit allows M&A processes to be concluded four times as fast, at about a quarter of the traditional costs. Entrepreneurs are empowered to discover the true value of their assets on a vibrant and highly liquid marketplace, without having to bear overpriced prepayments. And most importantly – an efficient market for IP and patents is established, allowing companies to trade assets as conveniently as one would buy or sell a car or real estate.

Loci Contact:

Lauren Arévalo

Lexit Contact:

Nikita Samylin

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