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Why LOCIracing?

Engineers lie at the forefront of innovation. Particularly in the car racing industry, onsite engineers work on a daily basis  to come up with solutions to fix various problems and improve the racing experience for competitors. These solutions involve new designs, products, or processes, making engineers truly professional inventors – often without even realizing it.  

John Wise, the founder and current CEO of Loci, was one of these engineers. For many years, he helped develop innovative solutions every day and carried out his ideas from simple prototypes to complete testing in a single day. He shared that however many solutions were created, that it was very difficult for many of the inventions to become patented, as doing so required a great amount of time and money. In the end, the patent process proved to be too convoluted and expensive for the majority of engineers to even pursue a patent. As an effect, many engineers received no credit for their ideas or their hard work, and the inventions simply became public domain. 

When developing LOCIsearch, John envisioned a process for other inventors to have a way around the current obstacles in the patent process. The platform unveils a global, easy-to-use database for innovators to discover how novel their idea is, to stake their claims on the blockchain and to create a timestamp on their idea. The platform essentially opens a marketplace to buy and sell IP, with the credit properly tied to the creator.  

Wise knew from personal experience that those in STEM fields, particularly engineers, are most heavily affected by the current process. He made sure that Loci was built to place emphasis on empowering STEM communities through the tools available as LOCIsearch. John believes that auto engineers can benefit greatly from using the platform, particularly in the speed and ease in which it will allow engineers to discover and temporarily protect the value of their ideas.  

To further expose and promote LOCIsearch to the racing community, we have recently sponsored 22-year-old Alec Udell in the upcoming Pirelli World Challenge. Udell won the 2016 Pirelli World Challenge GT Cup Championship, and supported by Wise as “an aspiring engineer and innovator.” Choosing Udell to promote Loci will present to other racers and engineers the possibilities of innovation and invention. 

Various members of our team, including Brian Hwang, Director of Business Relations, and Timothy Suggs, CMO, will be present at select races to introduce and demonstrate the Loci platform as an ameliorated alternative to current processes. We also plan to send our CTO, Nathan McFarland, to upcoming races to conduct user testing and further educate engineers how to use our product. 

This is only the beginning of our STEM roadmap, but one that our founder, John, has immense expertise and interest in. Moving forward, we plan to target a variety of other STEM communities and increase our user base. We are very excited about our recent car racing initiative, and we hope you tune in to watch! 



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