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LOCI: What Do I Need To Know?

LOCI has an exciting year ahead. We recently renamed our product, InnVenn, to LOCIsearch, rebranded our design, are making improvements to our technology, and scaling quickly. Last month, we held our first LOCIWeek, where our entire team joined together to consolidate our future goals. Moving forward, as we expand our team and user base, we want to clear up any confusion as to who we are, what we do, and what we are trying to accomplish. As the tech and blockchain industry expands, LOCI is committed to being at the forefront of innovation, providing transparency to our community.

  • LOCI is not solely a crypto startup.
    • LOCI is a tech company with a utility token, LOCIcoin, that allows inventors to use the token to stake their ideas on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • LOCI issued a token sale during December of 2017, but LOCI is not using the token sale raise to build a product.
    • LOCI already has an existing, workable product, LOCIsearch, and we are focused on expanding and scaling our company.
  • LOCIsearch is a search engine for U.S. and international patent searching, allowing inventors to discover if their idea is novel.
    • LOCIsearch is not a patent office.
  • LOCI is a utility token that may be used to purchase a LOCIsearch subscription, as well as be used to buy and sell IP via our platform among other inventors.
    • LOCIcoin is not a security or an investment tool.
  • LOCI is not an exchange. We cannot legally comment on the price of our utility token.
    • LOCI is a tech company, where customers may purchase our utility token to use our service.
  • LOCI does not give legal advice.
    • LOCIsearch is a search engine that inventors may choose to use to expedite the patent process, making the searching process more efficient.

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