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Start Your Engines: LOCI Teams Up With GMG Racing To Accelerate Innovation At The Pirelli World Challenge

LOCI, an IP research and exchange platform, is breaking down the barriers to innovation with blockchain technology. Their product, LOCIsearch, is a powerful and proprietary tool that inventors use to invent, stake, and sell their intellectual property.

John Wise, a former automotive engineer and current CEO of LOCI, developed the ideas behind LOCIsearch directly from his experiences in the racing industry. As an automotive engineer, he and his colleagues were developing innovative new products at a rapid pace. In some cases, products went from ideation to prototype to testing in a single day; but very few of these products were getting patented due to of the convoluted and expensive patent research process. Wise created LOCI to encourage and support entrepreneurs to take the steps necessary to give their inventions a chance to come to life.

This weekend, Wise gets to relive the passion that started it all, by having his company, LOCI, partner with GMG Racing for the 2018 Pirelli World Challenge Grand Prix of Texas, taking place at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas. GMG Racing’s professional driver, 22-year-old Alec Udell, is back after winning the 2016 Pirelli World Challenge GT Cup Championship. He’ll be taking the turns in a LOCI sponsored Porsche 911 GT3 R on March 24-25.

Wise says, “Alec’s an impressive guy who is a hell of a driver. He represents the people we’re focused on collaborating with because he’s an aspiring engineer and innovator.”

LOCI hopes to bring LOCIsearch to the racing world; an industry where the DIY IP research and staking platform has great potential to change the way innovation happens. LOCIsearch allows inventors to discover whether their idea is novel, stake that idea on the blockchain, and lastly, sell their idea to others, if desired.

LOCI invites everyone to tune in to the race using the hashtag, #LOCIporsche, and looks forward to announcing more exciting partnerships in the future.

For media inquiries, please contact Jesse Lucas at Melrose PR Jesse(at)melrosepr(dot)com or call (310) 260-7901.

About LOCI
LOCI, a platform for intellectual property discovery, creation, and exchange, is built on patented technology nearly a decade in the making. The company uses a combination of intuitive user interfaces, machine learning, and blockchain technology to optimize this process. LOCI has an established market presence with its proprietary IP platform, LOCIsearch, and has its own expansive IP portfolio.

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