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Everyone is an inventor.

Want to easily search, analyze, protect and monetize your everyday ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

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Visually search the IP landscape for existing patents, for FREE

With LOCI’s patented Venn diagram visualization, enhanced filtering, and easy to navigate design, you’re able to quickly identify whitespace in markets, find patents that improve your idea, or perhaps even avoid market saturation. Our patent searching tool is so robust, you’ll forget others existed. “Google Patents”, who?

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Analyze your idea to see if it’s unique for 95% less than a traditional patent search.

LOCI Invention Analysis allows an inventor (you) to see the uniqueness of an idea in just a few minutes, rather than weeks. The Analysis provides feedback on how to modify specific aspects of an idea in order to increase its uniqueness and novelty, and thus, improving the likelihood of your idea being awarded a patent. All this for 95% less than using a traditional patent search which costs $2k+.

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Start the process of monetizing your idea for as little as $50!

At LOCI, we’re erasing the middleman and making it easier than ever for aspiring inventors to monetize their ideas. Start with a free Search, then input your idea to determine it’s uniqueness. Tweak if needed until you achieve an optimal LOCI Score, then we’ll help you file a Provisional Patent application and stake your idea on the blockchain for immutable proof you had it first. Finally, we’ll help you sell, license, or otherwise monetize your idea! What are you waiting for?

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The latest and greatest from inside Loci HQ.

LOCI Joins Hong Kong’s Business of Intellectual Property Forum

LOCI Joins Hong Kong’s Business of Intellectual Property Forum

The 7th edition of Hong Kong’s premier IP gathering, the Business of Intellectual Property Forum (BIP) was attended by LOCI December 7-8. The two day conference saw leaders from public policy and private industry come together to discuss the latest trends and challenges facing intellectual property. Innovating Our Way to Solutions The event’s timing and [...]
The 80’s had no play like it: An Invention Analysis on the Game Boy

The 80’s had no play like it: An Invention Analysis on the Game Boy

Start Is it possible to manipulate an invention to fit the bill of a hungry global market? Could we discover which inventions are unique, but surprisingly not yet released into the world? Distinct products like these are bound to hit the roof and precipitate into success. In 1989, an engineer at Nintendo, named Satoru Okada, [...]
LOCI’s Solution to China’s Theft of IP

LOCI’s Solution to China’s Theft of IP

Last week, CEO and founder of LOCI, Inc., John Wise appeared on the Fox Business Network’s Countdown to the Closing Bell with anchor Liz Claman to discuss LOCI’s solution to the escalating trade war between the US and China. To date, there are a number of factors that have contributed to this conflict, but central […]