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NEW: File a patent directly on LOCI.

The LOCI team is happy to be rolling out our latest feature: provisional patent filing. Now search, analyze, and FILE, all within LOCI Search.

1. Search IP

2. Analyze Ideas

3. Protect Inventions

4. Monetize IP

Visually search the IP landscape for existing patents, for FREE

With LOCI’s patented Venn diagram visualization, enhanced filtering, and easy to navigate design, you’re able to quickly identify whitespace in markets, find patents that improve your idea, or perhaps even avoid market saturation. Our patent searching tool is so robust, you’ll forget others existed. “Google Patents”, who?

Search Now for Free

Analyze your idea to see if it’s unique for 95% less than a traditional patent search.

LOCI Invention Analysis allows an inventor (you) to see the uniqueness of an idea in just a few minutes, rather than weeks. The Analysis provides feedback on how to modify specific aspects of an idea in order to increase its uniqueness and novelty, and thus, improving the likelihood of your idea being awarded a patent. All this for 95% less than using a traditional patent search which costs $2k+.

Start Analyzing

Start the process of monetizing your idea for as little as $50!

At LOCI, we’re erasing the middleman and making it easier than ever for aspiring inventors to monetize their ideas. Start with a free Search, then input your idea to determine it’s uniqueness. Tweak if needed until you achieve an optimal LOCI Score, then we’ll help you file a Provisional Patent application and stake your idea on the blockchain for immutable proof you had it first. Finally, we’ll help you sell, license, or otherwise monetize your idea! What are you waiting for?

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News & Updates

The latest and greatest from inside Loci HQ.

Why LOCI Never Steals Your Ideas

Fear of theft may be the most common reason that inventors are reluctant to share or publish their ideas. It’s a valid concern: ask who invented the telephone, and most people will answer “Alexander Graham Bell.” In fact, a functioning telephone was first created in 1860 by the Italian inventor Antonio Meucci, who was unable […]

LOCI loves data and higher ed: GMU data analytics students pursue continued research with LOCI into Spring 2019

LOCI loves data and higher ed: GMU data analytics students pursue continued research with LOCI into Spring 2019

You may recall that last fall LOCI began working with graduate students enrolled in George Mason University’s Master’s program in Data Analytics Engineering capstone class DAEN 690 to conduct research on the bleeding edge of analytics and AI. After a rigorous semester and projects that were directed by both GMU faculty and LOCI Developers, we […]

Want access to Tesla’s patents? Find them with LOCI – providing the world’s first open source patent registry

LOCI, the company known as a first mover for IP staking on blockchain, is currently developing a registry that will consist of open source patents, an expansion to its existing search functionality and suite of products that currently allows inventors to conduct extensive research and analysis of their ideas for pennies on the dollar. With […]